can,t double click anything.

  bobbybluenose 13 Jan 13

I cannot double click on any files > Programs at all, also lost the option to open when I right click lost msconfig, cannot run avg or spybot,limited downloads I have tried to fix these issues but not getting any ware,just going round in circles,I understand I have a virus which may have changed the registry ,when I right click I get the options > send to >cut >copy >create short cut > delete >rename > properties ,can anydoby point me in the right direction please as I do not have a windows cd therefore cannot format.o/s XP PRO

  SillBill 13 Jan 13

Can you download Malwarebytes and let it do a full scan?

  bobbybluenose 13 Jan 13

no unfortunately I have tried but wont down load have tried several time from different sites. gets so far then I get a error message .

  SillBill 13 Jan 13

Have you got access to another computer or laptop? you may have to download and burn the Kaspersky Rescue Disc 10 to a CD or DVD.

  bobbybluenose 13 Jan 13

will try on sons laptop, thanks for your help will post results later .

  SillBill 13 Jan 13

If you can get the Kaspersky disc, the download site should explain how to use it, otherwise someone here will talk you through it.

  bobbybluenose 14 Jan 13

downloaded Kaspersky disc,no idea were to begin can someone Guid me through it please

  finerty 14 Jan 13

have u tried another mouse.

  bobbybluenose 14 Jan 13

Tried to run hitmanpro 3.7 in safe mode but not having it, get message c/Documents\downloads hitmanPro -64(1).exe is not valid win32 application,so were next ? i am still running in safe mode netwoking .

  bobbybluenose 14 Jan 13

still no joy ran the scan found one registry entry deleted it ,still no double click or open when i right click.

  bobbybluenose 14 Jan 13

still no double click or open when i right click,ran the trojan remover found i item deleted it still the same .


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