Can't delete suspect file.

  buckeye 10:39 29 Aug 05

I have a file that i suspect is infected. It can't be deleted no matter what i try. How can i get rid of it.

  VoG II 10:46 29 Aug 05

Try REmove on Reboot click here

or Safe Mode click here

  glen2409 10:48 29 Aug 05

Try this click here

I use the move on boot program and it has always worked with stubborn files

  Technotiger 10:49 29 Aug 05

Hi, welcome to the Forum, I guess you are possibly new to all this! First thing you should always do, is to say exactly what your set-up consists if - i.e. Desktop/laptop, which Windows 98/2000/XP etc, dial up/broadband, what security programs on your pc like Ad-Aware/AVG/Firewall etc. Then someone is more likely to come in with a suitable answer/suggestion for your problem.

I will take a 'stab-in-the-dark' and advise that one thing you could try is to do a Search for the particular file and then when/if it shows up in the Search window, highlight it and then press Del.


  Faser 10:57 29 Aug 05

To try to identify the file copy & past the file name into Google.

Are you using up-to date antivirus, what does that say?

If you are sure it's ok to delete and not a system file try renaming it and then download free trial of cyberscrub and use that to shred the file.

If it's something realy nasty it you may need to turn off sytem restore clean the file and then turn it on again. However this can be risky you may end up having to repair windows if you delte the wrong file!

  Faser 10:59 29 Aug 05

Sorry this the link to cyberscrub.. click here

  palinka 14:35 29 Aug 05

try start>search>all files & folders; then type the name into the box that appears and click search. If anything with that name comes up, delete it.
Sorry, description of steps to take may not be entirely "word perfect" - I'm using Win ME and trying to remember what Win XP calls these things.

  jimmer409® 18:02 29 Aug 05

is it just a file or a folder? if folder, try to delete all the files within, those you can't delete, rename than delete. if it's just one file, try the same i.e. rename than delete.

  buckeye 11:30 31 Aug 05

The only thing that would shift it was starting in safe mode and deleting the suspect file.Any attempt to enter into ANY site with anti virus progs just froze the computer totally.Many thanks to all

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