Can’t Delete Mail??

  IanS1 09:59 11 Dec 07

Suddenly this morning, I can’t delete mail from my Windows Mail “Delete Box”. Very odd???

IOW ... when I get incoming junk mail I usually delete it, and VISTA puts it into the “Delete Box”. Until today I’d just empty that Delete box each day by highlighting all the messages and pressing the delete key.

But suddenly this morning, for no apparent reason, I can longer delete anything from that Delete Box, & I just get a message saying “An Unknown Error Has Occurred” ... I’m mystified by that???

Do you guys know if this a common problem? And why has it occurred so suddenly for no apparent reason?

That delete box is quickly becoming an overfilled mess ... anyone know how to solve this, how to delete all the junk mail from the Delete Box?

Any suggestions gratefully received.


  mackaycc 11:35 11 Dec 07

Hi Telecaster

Could you let us know which email client you are using?

  rawprawn 12:13 11 Dec 07

He says "Windows Mail" which is Vista. This post may be better in the Windows Vista forum.

  rawprawn 12:14 11 Dec 07

Have you tried to clear it in Safe Mode?

  darkster 12:15 11 Dec 07

This Microsoft Hotfix worked for me; click here

  IanS1 14:54 11 Dec 07

Thanks to everyone for the quick replies.

But special thanks to Darkster because I tried that download and it seems to work like a charm ... I can now delete the mail as normal ... I hesitate to say it’s a 100% permanent fix because I know these problems sometimes return lol ... but so far it‘s brilliant ... so thanks very much Darkster, really appreciate it.

Only the trivial question remains ... I wonder why this happened at all ... is it a problem with Vista?


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