Can't Delete File w7

  onthelimit1 17:19 02 Sep 11

Neighbour was called by the well know scammers purporting to be 'Windows'. They took remote control of her computer before she twigged what was happening and closed down.

I have found two files from AMMYY (from previous experience, the source of the problem), but can't delete 'The action can't be completed because the file is open in AMMYY_Admin.exe. Close the file and try again'.

How to go about this, please, as inputing that in the search box shows no results. Thanks

  gengiscant 17:27 02 Sep 11

Any help? Click here

  john bunyan 17:28 02 Sep 11
  john bunyan 17:30 02 Sep 11

Also, have you run Superantispyware or Malawarebytes, assuming you have them (free anti malware)?

  onthelimit1 17:33 02 Sep 11

Gengis - that seems to have done the trick, thanks. I'll do a reboot to make sure it's gone. 'Rotten Swine' as the Goons said!

  onthelimit1 09:08 03 Sep 11

JB, yes, ran MBAM - found several nasty nasties and got rid of them. Pretty sure it's clean again now.

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