cant delete desktop icon?

  Raquelmanny 14:48 14 Jan 04

I recently made a shortcut to system on my desktop as I needed to access it often. Now I have no need for it but everytime I try to right click and delete it the comp crashes and I have to restart. I have tried deleting it in windows explorer and from the search programme the same happens everytime.Really annoying can anyone help? Thanks

  spikeychris 15:04 14 Jan 04

What operating system are you running?

  Curio 15:04 14 Jan 04

If you are using XP. Leave the Icon on the desktop and eventually a Wizard will Balloon out of your Notification tray to tell you you have unused Icons. Follow the Wizard to dump it/them in a folder to be recalled later if you so desire

  spikeychris 15:10 14 Jan 04

If shes using XP she can run the wizard now by right clicking the desktop and selecting customise desktop then clean up wizard.

  Raquelmanny 15:17 14 Jan 04

yes i'm running Xp will try the clean up wizard. Thanks

  Raquelmanny 15:23 14 Jan 04

thats sorted it. Thanks very much. No more crashes now hopefully!!

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