Cant defrag because of Chkdsk/f.

  hzhzhz 11:41 12 Feb 06

I'm using an 80gb hdd and Chkdsk/f. is stopping me defragging. Message says I have to run Chkdsk/f.. Ive been to MS site but some simpler info would be appreciated if possible.I'm not into too much heavy brainwork this morning. Thanks.

  hzhzhz 11:56 12 Feb 06

Right, Ive run chkdsk but message says f parameter not covered. Whats my next step please.

  hzhzhz 11:59 12 Feb 06

Trying to run chkdsk/f. but message says windows cant find it.

  SG Atlantis® 12:01 12 Feb 06

chkdsk /f

there's a space before /f

might be some use to you click here

  hzhzhz 12:43 12 Feb 06

How do I close all programs or processes that have open handles to the volume?. chkdsk runs and reports nothing and when I try to run chkdsk /f I get an error message.

  SG Atlantis® 12:58 12 Feb 06
  hzhzhz 12:58 12 Feb 06

Ive tried to run chkdsk /x which should "fix file system errors on the disk, dismounts the volume first,closing all open file handles". but message says it cant run because "the volume is in use by another process". I certainly dont need this on a sunday morning!.


  hzhzhz 13:03 12 Feb 06

SG Atlantis®

Will tackle that later today. Now I am going to read the Beano.

  Chegs ®™ 14:52 12 Feb 06

I had a laptop that was refusing to defrag until chkdsk had run,despite repeatedly rebooting the message refused to depart.I tried Recovery Console and ran chkdsk /r,chkdsk /f and a variety of other permutations,even sfc /scannow but still defrag refused to play.I eventually traced it to a modem driver with a corrupted file and reinstalling the driver allowed defrag to run unhindered.

  hzhzhz 15:15 12 Feb 06

Trying SG Atlantis® solution but how do I get from SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SessionManager into the option to change the BootExecute entry autocheck* /r\DosDevice\C:

  SG Atlantis® 15:20 12 Feb 06

click the session manager folder. you'll get a list of entries appear in the right pane it'll be second or third in the list.

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