Can't decide on design!!

  Mr A! 14:52 26 May 05

I have upgraded my site to an automated content management system. What do you think to the design as i'm not sure whether to change it or not?

click here

(To access the main part of the site you need to register which is free!)

  Aspman 15:44 26 May 05

Are you being naughty and spamming the list for your hosting company?

Your site is almost exactly the same design as the link to

An the the other link to a content management company

  Mr A! 16:15 26 May 05

becuase the content management system is Nukedit so it probably would be a good idea to create my own design!

  Mr A! 09:19 27 May 05

exactly mean by closed pages? Is it links linking to pages which are not the actual content to show visitors what is available when they sign-up or have i got the wrong end of the stick?

  harristweed 11:50 27 May 05

registry chnages ?
do you mean 'registry changes' ?

  Mr A! 11:57 27 May 05

Yeh!!! I'll make a note of it and change it soon.

  Mr A! 09:19 29 May 05

I'll start planning this then!

  ade.h 15:29 04 Jun 05

On a more minor note, you could use more contrast between the title text and its background, and maybe a bigger font, to make it clearer and more impactful. Choose a colour scheme carefully, so that it doesn't overpower the site's content.

  Mr A! 12:20 20 Jun 05

I have re-designed the whole site which now uses a variety of themes using the MWPX portal. There are a few little customisations left to do but what do you think.

click here

fourm member:
Without registering you can gain access to articles but can only read some parts of the forums. There are also few other areas which require registration so I hope that this is the right of going about it!

Let me know what you think

  ade.h 15:23 26 Jun 05

That's a big improvement - nice job. It matches my XP desktop theme now! I like the way that you have borrowed XP's own style - it's kind of appropriate for a computing-related website.

  ade.h 15:34 26 Jun 05

Firstly, the PC999 logo looks a bit basic and out of place on that elegant silver banner; it might benefit from a restyle, assuming that doesn't interfere with any corporate style that you might have developed (promotional material, for example)

Secondly, your own post about requesting writers has an apostrophe where there should not be one! I'm just nitpicking now, I know, but dodgy grammar really bugs me!

Obviously, it would matter less if it was someone else's post, since you would have little or no control over it (just as PCA doesn't spellcheck our posts here!) but make sure that you check any editorial or other material from the contributors that you're looking for.

Well done on the design work anyway. It looks worthy of a place in my bookmarks now!

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