Can't copy bought DVD film...

  nibnab 10:38 27 Jun 04

Hello forum...having just bought my nephew the latest Harry Potter movie on DVD..I decided to make him a copy for everyday use - his previous ones are a bit of a mess ( sticky fingers, scratches etc)and sometimes don't play - he watches them every chance he gets!!!
My system lets me copy the disc to the hdd, but refuses to write the contents to the blank.
Please don't come back telling me it's illegal to copy - everyone knows that! I just feel for personal use and the chance to keep the "master" disc in perfect condition would be acceptable.
Your help and comments please.

  Stuartli 10:40 27 Jun 04

As you already know the answer, why ask the question?

  Lozzy 10:51 27 Jun 04

For your own personal use I believe you are still allowed to make a copy in the UK. However here in the USA it is Illegal even to do that. The DVD is encrypted which is why you cannot copy it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:52 27 Jun 04

You have it the wrong way the States you are allowed 'backup' copies, here in Blighty it is a no-no.


  Mikè 10:58 27 Jun 04
  nibnab 11:11 27 Jun 04

There is always more than one answer to a question!

  Lozzy 11:18 27 Jun 04

click here have butchers at this.

  Totally-braindead 11:22 27 Jun 04

Regardless of the legality, and you already know the answer to that it is also illegal to sell the software for burning if it incorporates ripper software which gets round the copy protection. 321 Studios in the US were taken to court as their ripper software included in one of their products allowed people to do exactly what you have been trying to do. They lost and have reissued the software with the ripper part of it removed, they've appealed but its unlikely they'll win. So in short you'll not be able to copy it because you won't be able to get the software to do it because selling that is illegal too. Sorry. you'll just have to try to get your nephew to take care of the original.

  Chegs ® 11:37 27 Jun 04

To create a copy of the DVD you need to rip it to a different format(SVCD?)then convert it back to DVD format.I used this method to copy "Ghost" for my daughter(although its not exactly kosher,converting it to a different format then back to DVD created a perfectly usable DVD)

  Big Elf 11:57 27 Jun 04

I use click here then the program recommended by Mikè to backup mine.

  sicknote 12:02 27 Jun 04

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