Can't connect Sony TV with Dongle to internet

  olepompey 18:45 29 Mar 11

I have Netgear router and can't connect to Sony TV

I thought earlier comments would solve my problems with my Sony KDL32EX713 but No.
I didn't do anything at the router admin side as I couldn't see what could be changed (I'm on Vista). Its IP is
I looked at adding a wireless device but it lost me.
On the TV I tried the manual set up on that Bordersman suggested with the above in the default and DNS lines. leaving the sub net unchanged at and the IP as
I said No to Proxy sever (didn't understand the comment about DHCP. It searched and came back with wireless device ok but local and internet connection failed !
Can some wise person give me some simple instruction on what to do? It should be easier than this !

  olepompey 13:23 30 Mar 11

Any more ideas would be welcome. Its crazy that I have to do this, don't Sony have some support?

  mgmcc 08:11 31 Mar 11

In addition to changing the IP address to an address in the correct Subnet, e.g., it is also necessary to change the Default Gateway and DNS Server addresses to (YOUR router's IP address).

The Subnet Mask address in the previous posting from which you took your settings was incorrect, it should be

  olepompey 12:48 31 Mar 11

I Have the subnet mask correct now and the gateway and DNS's set as my routers IP address and am now getting a message that the wireless device is ok and local access is ok (which is better than earlier) but internet access failed.
How do I know what IP address to use for the TV setting (you mentioned in the correct sub-net? which I don't understand.

  mgmcc 18:02 31 Mar 11

The "Subnet" is just the IP Address range, in your case to, so you can allocate any *unused* address in that range to the TV. The router already has

As far as the DNS Server addresses are concerned, it is normally sufficient to use the Router's IP address. However, you could also use one or both of your ISP's DNS Server addresses. If you go into the router's Status page, you should see the DNS Server addresses which the ISP has allocated to it. Try using those same addresses in the TV's settings.

  olepompey 09:39 01 Apr 11

Unless you have any more ideas I'm going to try and get the router and TV close together and try an ethernet cable !
I looked at the router properties in Network on my pc and it has as its IP address but if I look using the 'Microsoft Window bottom left start search' with run/cmnd/ipconfig it tells me IPv4 is, subnet and default gateway is So a bit of confusion between the 0.1 and 0.2.
If on the TV settings I use say, subnet what do you suggest for the TV gateway and DNS settings?
Thank you very much for your help. By the way I've moved the router to 5 yards from the TV and checked my Broadband speed (6.1 download and 0.8 upload)

  mgmcc 17:27 01 Apr 11

>>> So a bit of confusion between the 0.1 and 0.2.

The Router's IP address is

The Computer's IP address is

>>> If on the TV settings I use say, subnet what do you suggest for the TV gateway and DNS settings?

The Default Gateway and DNS Server addresses remain as which is the *router's* IP address. The router is acting as both Default Gateway and DNS Server for all devices in the network.

  olepompey 08:38 02 Apr 11

Thanks - it worked i got 3 oks on network set-up.
I now get a sony 5006 error when I try to refresh internet content.
I assume you've done your bit and will contact the TV experts unless you can fix this as well ?
If not thank you again for the connection advice

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