Cant connect to NTL, netsky virus.

  Legolas 17:54 09 Jun 04

Last week My brother-in-law clicked on IE6 as usual to go on the Internet with his BB connection he got a page from NTL telling him he had the netsky virus and directing him to download and run 'stinger' he done this and it found 22 instances of netsky which he deleted.

According to the page he was directed to once he had done this and cleaned his computer of the virus he would be able to surf the net as normal.

He rebooted as advised and tried to go to the google website but the same page came up and now he cannot get onto any web sitew apart from the NTL page warning him he has the netsky virus he has ran stinger again and found no viruses.

He phoned NTL who promised him he would be able to get onto the Internet after two hours, that was 7 days ago despite several calls where they tell him the same thing.

Does any one know of this problem and is there anything that can be done from this end or is it all down to NTL?

  Cook2 18:00 09 Jun 04

Get someone to download Avast Cleaner for him from click here it's a 340kb file which will fit on a floppy.

It covers all Netsky A through to Z.

  prima12 18:27 09 Jun 04

Good link, but what language is that?

  VoG II 18:44 09 Jun 04

Czech. Click the "English" button should be easier to understand.

  Cook2 18:59 09 Jun 04

Whoops! Good idea VoG™, sorry Legolas, I forgot to CZECH the link.

  Legolas 19:27 09 Jun 04

Thanks for the link have downloaded will try.

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