Can't connect New Mesh Computer to e mail Internet

  Big Bear 20:47 02 Jun 03

I have recently received a new Mesh Computer, as reccomended by PC Advisor.

I have made 4 Premium rate calls to connect to Tiscali e mail etc. I have followed their settings to the letter, but I still get message after the dial up and checking password "Unable to establish Connection"

Tried to contact Mesh after very long wait they said would phone me back but did not.
I am on XP Home edition. Is there something else I am missing. The Modem works to call a telephone.

Can anyone help Please,

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:20 02 Jun 03

Have you made sure that the modem cable is inserted in the internet link and not the INTRANET link (they are similar)?

Have you entered 1470 before the ISP dial up number?

Failing those, this has happened to me when setting up XP computers but I am using ME and 98SE at home and I cannot think what I did. I altered something in the modem properties box...perhaps someone with XP handy can remember?


  jazzypop 21:29 02 Jun 03

1. Can you connect to the the Internet, or is it just email that is the problem?

2. Are you using an ordinary dialup modem?

  Big Bear 21:57 02 Jun 03

To Jazzypop


1. Problem is both e mail and internet

2 Yes ordinary dial up modem (internal) not Broadband

  jazzypop 22:11 02 Jun 03

Have you tried the basic checks at click here ?

If so, move on to click here

Finally, click here

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