Can't connect with MS Outlook

  Lightman 28 Jun 13

This is not a matter of life & death, but I keep getting a message pop up in the middle of my screen saying "Could not connect to Microsoft Outlook - Error 2147221164". I am assuming that this might be something to do with Google Calendar and as such the message is not too surprising as I don't have Outlook installed, I use Windows Live Mail. I'm running Windows 7 Professional. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can stop this pesky message appearing?

  xania 28 Jun 13

There's lets on the Internet about this problem. Unfortunately, most are asking for help rather than providing an answer, but you might find some of these helpful:!topic/calendar/dHjcBiKsgcw

or type Microsoft Outlook - Error 2147221164 into your favourite serach engine

  Woolwell 28 Jun 13

Do you use hotmail?

  Lightman 28 Jun 13

No to Hotmail

  Woolwell 28 Jun 13

Do you have an e-mail client? It is a Google Calendar Sync problem and seems to be fairly widespread without a definitive solution.

  saifeerangwala 28 Jun 13

Try to create a new profile and check if it works, you can refer to the article below to know how to create new profile

  Woolwell 28 Jun 13

saifeerangwala - The OP doesn't have Outlook.

  rdave13 28 Jun 13

Do you have Office starter pack? Might be worth running Ccleaner.


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