Can't connect Laptop to internet.

  gruffass 08:10 30 Dec 05

I setup my router for homenetworking (speedtouch 576) and we connected my wifes laptop to the home network we created but we can't get the laptop to connect to the internet over the wireless connection. On my router the WLAN LED light is orange not green. I tried speaking to my internet provider but that was a waste of time so any help truly appreciated

  mgmcc 08:38 30 Dec 05

Has the wireless laptop actually "connected" to the network? In other words, has the Site Monitor in its software scanned for "Available Networks", found the one with the SSID (network name) that matches your router and have you then selected the option to "connect" to that network? The little icon should then get its "halo" to indicate that it is connected.

Once connected, the Wireless Network Adapter should get its IP address from the router and be able to get online.

  gruffass 08:51 30 Dec 05

The name we created when setting up the router is the network that it finds and we can connect. We initially had limited/no connectivity problems but it stays connected now. When we start AOL on my wifes laptop it doesn't find (It seems to me) the router to connect. Is the orange LED on my router causing the problem?

  glamworld 22:51 02 Jan 06

hi ive got he same problem with the speedtouch 576, just wondering if you have managed to connect yet? im nearly insane trying.

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