can't connect to itunes store

  anniesboy 21 Aug 11

We three PCs ,two desktops running Vista and laptop running W7.

Neither of the desktops will connect to itunes store,all music in collection shows and can be played. However the store will not connect I just get a blank page,both run the latest version of itunes 10.4.0 80

The laptop with an earlier version of itunes runs no problem. However I cant install an earlier version on the desktops,as the only option is repair or uninstall. I assume uninstalling will result in loss of collection,is that correct? Or any other ideas, I can contact Apple support I guess at a cost.

  rawprawn 21 Aug 11

No problem here with ITunes, sorry I can't offer any advce. I am new to ITunes since I bought iPad2 a couple of months ago.

  rawprawn 21 Aug 11

No problem here with ITunes, sorry I can't offer any advce. I am new to ITunes since I bought iPad2 a couple of months ago.

  gengiscant 21 Aug 11

No idea if it works: Itunes

  john bunyan 21 Aug 11

You will not loose your music if you uninstall and re install, as the proper i tunes system files are in "Progranne Files" folder in C Drive but the i tunes folder which has your music etc is seperate. You could, as a precaution (I do this regularly) copy your itunes folder to a seperate drive (USB HD for exanple.)I assume you have logged in with your i tunes account and password, even if you only use iTunes vouchers?

  john bunyan 21 Aug 11

PS I assume you know that up to 5 PC's can be used per account , and thet you have "registered" them.

  anniesboy 21 Aug 11

Thanks chaps, I will work through the suggestions. So far no luck.

I am logged in ,I have an earlier backup but cant see how to backup now.

  anniesboy 21 Aug 11

Yes all PCs registered

  anniesboy 21 Aug 11

Looks like I'm not alone,

Ive not tried the detailed uninstall reinstall yet.

  Woolwell 21 Aug 11

Running iTunes 10.4 on Vista and able to access the store. Must be a setting on your system.

To update my ipad software I had to turn off my anti-virus suite completely (anti-virus, malware and firewall). Have you tried turning off the firewall and for short period your antivirus whilst trying to connect to the store?

  anniesboy 23 Aug 11

Well after a call to Apple support ,their suggestions didn't work.

The following did, this was after updating to 10.4.1

1- Download itunes (the latest version of itunes)

2- while downloading it , Uninstall the old version of itunes you have (or just uninstall iTunes if you are already running

3- Uninstall Quicktime also

4- Uninstall Apple software update

5- Uninstall Apple mobile device support

6- Uninstall Bonjour

7- Uninstall Apple application support

8- Reinstall iTunes


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