can't connect to AOL Broadband through wirless nw

  Canine 16:42 26 Jan 03

I have just installed a wireless network using netgear adapters and my two PCs are in communication. However I can't access AOL Broadband through the network. The DSL link is to an XL home PC (broadband works fine on its own)and the remote PC is windows 98.

I have been through the set-up help screens on XP. The one line in the help page that I don't understand and probably haven't done is (sorry the words aren't exact apart from within the hyphens):
From 'Internet Connection Sharing' in 'Home Networking Connection' select any adapter that connects directly with the PC linked to the internet (and presumably click on it). I can't find any screens or prompts with these titles.

Can anyone help?

  Canine 22:06 27 Jan 03

I sorted this out myself using a free analogx proxy server program (via google)- works fine. I can't use AOL on the remote PC but can use IE or netscape, all I want.

Thanks for the help :-)

  Canine 22:08 27 Jan 03

better mark it as resolved then, hadn't I!

  Canine 22:09 27 Jan 03

Tick that box then!

  Djohn 22:14 27 Jan 03

Canine, does it help, when you talk to yourself? :o)

  Canine 00:06 28 Jan 03

I thought I had checked the resolved box but either I hadn't or it didn't work. Hence the string. I will check it this time.

I don't normally talk to myself. Do I Canine?

Not now I know someone else is out there!

:-> lol

  Canine 00:09 28 Jan 03

Doesn't the check box work in AOL?

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