Can't boot without CD

  Russ100 09:03 17 Aug 09

Trying to do a fresh instal of Win XP Pro.

Formatted a 250gb HDD and set up a 75gb partition for the o/s. XP seemingly instals OK - no error messages but when completed the PC will only boot from the CD and then does so perfectly.

Tried it on another smaller HDD - no problem on booting from HDD.

Haven't come across this problem before.

Any suggestions.

  howard64 09:09 17 Aug 09

you have been into the bios and set the first boot option to hard drive haven't you?

  Russ100 09:16 17 Aug 09


Another thing, I've changed the jumper setting on the offending HDD to slave so that I could hook it up and run a diagnostic check. When rebooting the PC it again demanded the CD. Removed the slave and the PC booted OK. It would seem that even though it's set to 'slave' it's overriding the master HDD.

  crosstrainer 09:27 17 Aug 09

Are these IDE or sata drives....IDE I'm guessing.

Swap the grey cable connections around, whilst making sure that your new master drive IS master and the older is set to slave.

You may have to do a repair install, or possibly start over with the fresh one.

  Russ100 09:28 17 Aug 09

Hang on a tick, I think I may have been a bit daft here.

I had a jumper selector on what was indicated to be the Master pins, but I've just Googled the HDD specs and it says there shouldn't be a selector on at all.

Am now going to try another instal - Watch this space.

  Russ100 11:27 17 Aug 09

Well - tried to instal again with no selector over the Master pins. Same thing happened.

In answer to crosstrainers question it's an IDE drive (Western Digital WD2500).

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