Can't access network to restore system image

  SimonGates 18:22 11 May 15

Hi there. I recently had a windows message warning of impending hard disk failure. I've downloaded a couple of different backup packages to take a system image ahead of buying a new hard drive. I have used both AOMEI and Easus Todo backup. The ISO boot files for each of these packages fail to give me network access on the boot disk though and I can't therefore access my NAS when looking for the image to restore. Is there a way I can ensure my network is up and running so I can access the image file? I have a Windows 7 Home Premium Samsung Chronos 7 laptop with a "Realtek PCIe GBE family controller" network card. Thanks

  lotvic 22:19 11 May 15

I believe you have to boot from the WinPE bootable CD, and choose 'Tools' - 'Device management' to configure the IP setting ClickHere

  SimonGates 14:40 12 May 15

Hi lotvic. Yes the IP setting was the issue. I had to change it from Dynamic to static before I could see the network. Only difference to your answer above is that the option is under Network Manager not Device Management. Thanks

  lotvic 23:45 12 May 15

Thank for feedback, it will help others that get same problem.

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