Can't access Lycos http mail using OE

  Valvegrid 15:03 07 Feb 04

Is anyone else having problems accessing Lycos mail? It's OK via web mail, but not on OE, it's been like that for a few days now. It could be they've switched it off temporarily because of the number of virus doing the rounds.

  Valvegrid 17:35 07 Feb 04


  cgh 17:51 07 Feb 04

I have problems with lycos free e mail over the last two weeks and have given up with them and switched to yahoo and have encountered no probs at all.

however on the positive side their help desk people are quite good maybe its just their equipment.

  Valvegrid 17:57 07 Feb 04

Thanks for the reply. I've been with Lycos for years, so I'm reluctant to give them up, plus I like their http system. If I can find the link to their help desy I'll email them.


  Valvegrid 18:09 07 Feb 04

I have sent them a report, if I get a reply I'll post it.

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