Can't access desktop

  eggtooth 13:10 23 Apr 12


Hopefully someone can help.

Trying to log in to my desktop by entering password. However, when I hit the 'P' key a menu appears that gives me options for changing monitor settings, i.e. computer only, duplicate, extend or projector only (looks like an Acer style menu, as opposed to a Windows menu).

Tried typing password with USB keyboard and on-screen keyboard, but to no avail.

My operating system is Windows 7 and the laptop model is Acer Aspire 4810

Many thanks in advance

  robin_x 14:04 23 Apr 12

Windows Key+P gives the monitor options. I wonder if it is stuck (or spilt/splashed liquid on keyboard).

Give it a good mashing.

I don't know why that would cause on-screen and external keyboards to play up though. Have you disconnected the original keyboard while trying the others?

Try tapping F8 at boot and see if you can get into Safe Mode Admin account.

Test keyboards again. Change password to blank for the moment if you can, on normal account.

Ps/2 keyboards require a reboot every time you reconnect. USB don't.

  eggtooth 15:41 23 Apr 12


Thank you for your reply.

I've put it into safe mode and it's asking for my password. Typed this in and it's stopped putting the menu up, which is good, but does not recognise 'P' at all, even when using on-screen keyboard. Have just noticed it is not recognising 'L' either, so strongly suspecting water damage.

However, if water damaged I can understand the physical keyboard not working, but why the on-screen one - surely this should work?

Unfortunately, can't disconnect keyboard as is a laptop.

Is there a way of uninstalling the main keyboard and installing a USB one without going into the desktop?


  robin_x 20:03 23 Apr 12

I can only guess the faulty keyboard needs to be disabled or disconnected so as not to interfere with the others.

You can try disabling the keyboard in Device Manager. Although you may only get an Uninstall option and so it will re-install every boot.

Replacing keyboard (or just disconnecting a laptop keyboard ribbon cable) is one of the easier laptop jobs. Probably only needing a small Philips for a few screws and a small flat blade to flip the locking tabs and lift the keyboard up.

Funnily enough I've been using this guide on mine today. (case and Keyboard in first 2-3 mins).

I could not get the bloody thing out, in spite of having it apart several times before. I'd forgotten about the 5th screw hiding under WiFi.

Google your make and model and youtube, disassembly, keyboard etc.

Or post what you have if you can't find a guide and want to have a go.

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