Canon Printer not printing text

  imzy 13 Jun 12

Hi there.

I have a Canon Pixna ip3000 which has stopped printing texr documents. It prints picturs fine but when I try to print in Microsoft Works or Wordpad I just get blank sheets.

Any help appreciated.


  chub_tor 13 Jun 12

Have you run a print nozzle check?

  imzy 13 Jun 12

I have juse done so and the black pattern on the printout hasn't come out at all. I tried cleaning the black nozzle but still the same. I changed the black ink a few days ago when documents weren't printing. Does this mean the black ink nozzle os clogged? How do I fix this?

  difarn 13 Jun 12

Try going into Printers and Devices, click on Maintenance and running a deep nozzle clean.

  imzy 13 Jun 12

Just tried that. Same results.

  robin_x 13 Jun 12

Similar Epson problem.

Dunno if applicable. Good luck.

  difarn 14 Jun 12

Have you updated your printer driver?

  john bunyan 14 Jun 12

The warm water trick is well documented.See here:

Epson head clean

  Woolwell 14 Jun 12

I don't know if that will work with Canon printers as Epson use the micro piezo technology and Canon thermal technology.

  chub_tor 14 Jun 12

Canon printheads are separate from the tanks and can usally be removed for cleaning.

Lift the top cover of the printer. Flip the inner cover down until it meets the paper output tray.

Lift up on each ink cartridge tank to remove them from the cartridge holder. Set the cartridges on one side so that the ink nozzles are not damaged.

Lift the lever beside the cartridge holder, which is the print head in this model. The print head will lift slightly when you raise the lever.

Pull the print head straight up out of the printer.

Rinse the print head thoroughly under warm running water from the tap taking are not to get water in the circuit board on the back of the print head. Run the water particularly into each hole where the print cartridges sit and underneath where the ink comes out. Do this until the water runs clear. Shake the print head vigourously to remove excess water and then place on a sheet of absorbent paper to dry. Reassemble, run a couple of cleaning cycles with the print cartridges reinstalled and try the print nozzle check again. I have done this with several Canon printer in the past and found it works.

Some people recommend standing the print head in warm water overnight, other have used isopropyl alcohol - personally using running warm water has always worked for me although it can take several goes.

  imzy 14 Jun 12

Thanks for all your suggestions guys. I will try to update the printer drivers. If that doesn't work I will try the washing technique. Let you know how I get on.


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