canon printer mx350

  markmelv 19 Mar 13

i have a canon mx350 printer which i have had for a while now but i have a new computer and i have lost my cd to install the printer on my computer, is there a website where i can download for free the software instead of having to buy the disk? thanks.

  lotvic 19 Mar 13 click on the downloads tab link

  markmelv 19 Mar 13

hi lotvic, many thanks for the reply but which download would i require as there are 21 downloads? would it be the MP Drivers i should get? p.s. told you i was useless :-)

  lotvic 19 Mar 13

FAQs tab gives full instructions, yes you will want the drivers, and probably most of the software. Read the relevant type of setup you want - wired, wireless, usb etc. (FAQ nos: 14, 16, 17 for Windows)

Make another folder in My Documents or in Downloads folder and call it Canon mx350 and put them all in there so they are all in one place. You could also save to your folder the instructions webpage(s) as html so you have them for future reference.

That looks a nice printer you've got :)

  markmelv 19 Mar 13

yes it is a nice printer mate, i'll try all that and see what happens, thanks for your help and advice, much appreciated

  lotvic 19 Mar 13

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