Canon Pixma MP500 printer suddenly not printing .

  haricot 16:54 10 May 09

It was working fine. Ink Cartridges are fine.

Now it churns out blank pages or pages with a few odd words on.

Have I done anything I'm not aware of ?

Has anyone had this very odd thing happen to them.

Has anyone got a solution please?

  john bunyan 17:01 10 May 09

Me again! Have you done a nozzle check? And a test page? Go to Control Panel, Printers and Faxes,Click on your printer, then Properties, then on the maintenance tab. Do a nozzle test /test page, do a nozzle clean if needed. Sorry if you have already done this.... JB

  john bunyan 17:03 10 May 09

NB when you get to your printer - right click to bring up properties.

  haricot 17:26 10 May 09

Hi there John, 'tis very good of you to come back yet again. I certainly seem to be having my share of problems at the moment.

Yep I did all the Nozzle Clean routine and Deep Clean etc and it did'nt make any difference.

That was earlier today.

Seeing as you brought it up, I thought what the hell and did another Deep Clean and blow me it seems to be working OK now .... but for how long I don't know 'cos it did that before.

And how many Deep Cleans do you have to do to get it to take effect.

So for the immediate moment it seems ok .
If it occurs again I may well come back.

You guys are gems !

  john bunyan 17:34 10 May 09

Ken. If you dont print for a while this can happen. I have never done it but if you look back in other threads some have taken out the print nozzle head from a Canon (I have a MP760 by the way) and soaked it overnight in warm water! If your deep clean has worked - fine - just print a page every few days if you can. I had a good Epson MP before, but it froze up completely when just out of warranty so moved to Canon as it has a removable print head. I assume you are using genuine Canon ink - some generic inks can be more prone to freezing.JB

  haricot 17:44 10 May 09

John. Good advice although to be honest I do give my Printer quite a bashing.

However I reckon you could be right on the money when you say that Generics can cause problems.

yep and I do have to be honest, I did have to use use a generic Black 5 a week or so ago and I reckon that was the start of the problems .

I have always used the Canon originals and have now gone back to them with a vengeance.

No more generics for me anytime.Nothing but trouble.

Thanks again John. You're a good'un.



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