Canon Pixma MP495 only prints yellow or black

  andy63walsh 17 Sep 12

Hi. I had a thread like this 'how to reset it' but they didn't work. Now no matter with a new or refilled ink I only get yellow out of the colour one, any ideas?

  Woolwell 17 Sep 12

Without reference to your previous thread I have no idea what you have already tried.

But have you tried a deep print head clean see

  Woolwell 17 Sep 12

I was trying to post further links but PCA played up. There is an instance of the printer printing only blue and this was cleared by a deep print head clean.

  andy63walsh 17 Sep 12

the link didn't work, any more ideas?

  Woolwell 18 Sep 12

You haven't replied whether you have done a deep print head clean. The absence of colours may well point to blocked print heads. My link tried to point to how to do a deep print head clean

Try this instead

  andy63walsh 26 Sep 12

tried it all now, so ordered a new cart, an original, see if this changes it.

  andy63walsh 27 Sep 12

Put the new one in and it prints fine now and the flashing yellow light has gone out on the printer, there must be some sort of chip in the new cartridges, there must be a reset gadget or something, none of the methods 'trick' it

  andy63walsh 26 Nov 12

found a way to reset it, lift lid, remove both cartridges, close cartridge lid holders, let it do its warm up, turn power off and on 5 times, (by the button on top, not pulling the power!) let it do all its tests inbetween each on/off though. DONE

  andy63walsh 06 Dec 12

didn't work again, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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