Canon Pixma MP 600 MFP will not switch on

  griffon56 22 Sep 12

A 6 year old Canon Pixma MP 600 MFP suddenly switched off while printing and will not switch on again. The soft touch electronic switch has felt un-positive for a while and that may be it, but such switches are always light. Power is getting to the machine and the power lead will supply other devices. Tho' it may not be relevant the computer is a 1 year old Packard-Bell iMedia D2525UK running 64 bit Win 7 with 3GB RAM.

There were no symptoms leading up to the sudden failure.

  onthelimit1 22 Sep 12

As it failed while in use and the lead/fuse/socket etc are OK, sounds like a failure of the machine's circuit board. Terminal on a machine that age, I'd say.

  spuds 22 Sep 12

General domestic use printer's are very cheap nowadays, its the print cartridges that can get very expensive, depending on the type and supply source. Getting repairs can prove not very cost effective, unless you have spare machines available at no further cost, and you know what you are doing with repairs and components.

If you are satisfied that power is getting into the printer, and its a faulty switch, then that might be your answer. Before writing-off the unit, try a latest driver install, and see if that resolves any issues?.

  griffon56 22 Sep 12

Thanks for that both. I don't think it's a driver problem Spuds because I've found that if the printer is disconnected from the computer and left off for a while, it lights up briefly before switching off again. Looks more like some such thing as a hold-in relay is not latching after initial connection. Whatever, I agree with you both that it's probably terminal, thanks again for your attention.

It seems a pity, the print engine, scanner optics, etc and all the the other parts are probably perfectly OK. I think I'll give it to a charity to see what they can do with it.


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