Canon N 1240 U

  Fjellman 12:53 13 Jan 05

Funny one this. When I scan something part but not all of the dialog boxes are in Portuguese. I've tried uninstalling and re installing making sure that I select English, but it makes no difference. Fortunately I can understand some Portuguese but it is really wierd.

  Earthworm 13:13 13 Jan 05

there's a very good change when you installed your scanner you picked the top driver in the list which is the portuguise driver. if you re-install and look at the full titles of the drivers there should be one for engish. Install that one

  Cook2 13:55 13 Jan 05

There's an error on the disc. Update driver by choosing to Install from a list or Specific Location then browse the CD installation disc for Drivers/Scanners/English.

Make sure you get rid of the Spanish drivers or they will keep coming back.

CCleaner click here should get rid of any unwanted bits if you choose Issues Tab.

  Fjellman 18:52 14 Jan 05

No Earthworm I most definately selected English install. But as I said all of the scan setup boxes are in English. The bits that are in Portuguese are the calibrating dialogue box and the scan progress box, the rest is in English. I've downloaded the latest version driver and that doesn't even work at all! All I can surmise is that the original installation disc is faulty, but Canon, like Epson and Sony, will never admit to doing anything wrong.

  Cook2 20:50 14 Jan 05

I just re-read what I said and it appears I may have 'suggested' there was an error on the disc, but there definitly is because I had the same problem with installing my Canon.

Explore the CD Scanners/Drivers/English and you'll see your model there. It may be Drivers/Scanners/English.

After using CCleaner, do a Start/Search for anything related to Canon, and delete it. If you also have a Canon printer you will have to re-stall the drivers for that too.

Re-boot - Start your printer and you should get 'no drivers installed' etc

Install new driver as I said above.

  Fjellman 17:31 17 Jan 05

I've found the problem! It is a fault with the Canon ScanGear Toolbox software. I noticed that when English is selected in the list of languages, Portuguese is also selected! I had to try a few times before I could select just English. It took a very steady hand and great care. It's obviously not just my disc either. I'm running completely in English now. Thanks anyway to everyone for their suggestions.

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