Canon mp460 Printer problem

  swanny2 16:53 15 Sep 08

Ive only had this printer about 6 months ,and the ink is telling me its low,the problem is ,that when its printing,it prints as if its working ok,but the paper wont feed into it,
Theres nothing jammed or blocked,any idea please.

  swanny2 17:36 15 Sep 08

IM just wondering if the problem would be that ive run out of colour? altho theres balck in ,could this cause the above problem.

  swanny2 17:47 15 Sep 08

Ive looked for jammed paper etc now it keeps saying paper jammed. :O( all clear

  swanny2 18:37 15 Sep 08

damn ive looked an its not blocked ,now it trys too feed the paper put pulls it too 1 side and makes a clicking noise.
bin /tip i think

  chub_tor 20:53 15 Sep 08
  chub_tor 20:54 15 Sep 08

Sorry more direct link click here

  swanny2 21:12 15 Sep 08

cheers mate
i looked an nothings inside,as for the screw on the side panel as the guy said,its not there.
thanks for advice

  chub_tor 22:22 15 Sep 08

Did you try this tip of using thick card? click here

  swanny2 16:36 16 Sep 08

yes mate i cut the back off a text book . fed it in ,but when i turned the printer on it didnt pull it in . :O(

  swanny2 16:39 16 Sep 08

sorry i did one of the Maintanence checks and it pulled the card thru,but not the paper it starts off then stops but can hear it printing,but no feed.

  swanny2 16:44 16 Sep 08

just noticed that when it does try too print,and the paper doesnt feed in. it carrys on printing an i can hear a clicking noise. prob is it doesnt stop trying too print? grr. lol

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