Canon MG6150 Multi Function Installation Problem

  Dannyb 20 Aug 11

I have a laptop with Windows 7 and have just bought the above printer which is connnected via USB to my desktop. The printer works fine with my desktop but I cannot get it to work with my laptop via WiFi. The printer shows in 'My Printers' on my laptop but only shows scanning not printing capabilities. I have downloaded both the MP Driver and the XPS Driver but I keep getting the message that the MP driver is not installed correctly. I can't think of how to install the MP Driver correctly.

  robin_x 21 Aug 11

My Desktop has an USB MP250 AllinOne connected since last year.

I installed with the CD/DVD on my Desktop only.

The laptop sorted itself out when I Added network Printer. ie W7 just did the drivers on the laptop automatically. desktop runs W7 as well.

I use wired or wifi connection.

Every few months the laptop Printer Spooler doesn't run correctly (Start Run/Services), and has to be restarted manually. Then it's usually fine for another few months.

Dunno how similar my MP250 is to yours but above is the limit of what I found.

It maybe worth removing/uninstalling the Printer completely from the laptop and rebooting.

Others will have to suggest further I am afraid. If you still have problems Good luck.

  lotvic 21 Aug 11

AFAIK you have to install the Canon Drivers before you connect the printer

  Dannyb 21 Aug 11

Many thanks chaps. Tried both but neither have worked. Windows can't install the driver and the MP driver always fails to install correctly. Back to the drawing board me thinks.


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