Canon MG5350 Printer - shouldn't do this!

  AngeTheHippy 07 Jun 13

Aft'noon Chaps, Just purchased this recently - a few times now I've sent print jobs which it will start, but stop after a few moments - wasting ink/paper etc. Why would it do this, d'ya know? REALLY getting on me nerves!!

AngeTheHippy x

  lotvic 07 Jun 13

It pauses to do print head cleaning half way through a print job? or do you mean it only prints half the page and then ejects it?

  AngeTheHippy 07 Jun 13

HiYa Lotvic, no - prints only part of a page then ejects. Been onto Canon support, they suggested the printer was too far from router (next room, about 16 feet as the 'crow flies'.

Just bought it to within 6 feet of router... works perfectly. HOW ANNOYING is that? lol. Looks like I'll need to re-site it in the LOUNGE then... not the best of places...

Many thanks for your time,

Ange x

  Chronos the 2nd 07 Jun 13

Looks like I'll need to re-site it in the LOUNGE then... not the best of places...

Particularly with all those crows flying

Can you not just run an Ethernet cable to it, I assume you are wireless printing which is causing the problems.

  lotvic 07 Jun 13

How about a Homeplug? you can get them with WiFi as well.

  bumpkin 07 Jun 13

Maybe re-site the router.


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