Canon MG5250 printer networking problem

  Trenny 20 Jul 12

I am going crackers with trying to get my new MG5250 printing wirelessly. It works fine via usb. I have followed the booklet directions for going wirelessly and been told that it is 'connected' to the netwok OK', but when I press ctl + P in m/s word I get the error message: "The printer is offline etc etc."

There are ports that cannot be used with their current settings. Check that printerpower is on and cable is connected. if the problem persists cick 'Diagnose and Repair'. If i do that i am told that everything is OK. (That is probably because I have to connect via usb to run the Diagnose and Repair!)

Has anyone any ideas? I feel that it is something very simple that I am missing.

  northumbria61 20 Jul 12

Have you shared the Printer via Network & Sharing? Also in Printer Server Properties under the Security Tab have you given Full Permissions?

  northumbria61 20 Jul 12

Also try turning the printer OFF - wait for 30 secs and turn back ON again.

  Trenny 21 Jul 12

Thank you Northumbria. I have gone into the printer properties and the printer is shared with a second laptop in the house. I have ticked all the boxes for permissions.

I think that I got an error message along the way about 'wrong pronter port'. How can I check that?

  Trenny 17 Aug 12

I'll sign off from this post as i had to call in my expert. It turned out that my printer was linked to a previous installation of the software...


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