Canon IP4500 printer problem.

  bruno 19:01 11 Mar 10

I have a faulty printer head on this printer and they cost more than the price of a printer to buy.I wondered if anyone has a broken printer with a fault other than the head that could be canabilised. I had an IP4300 with a paper jam trouble which could not be cured and I dumped it about a month before this one went wrong, complete with a working head. I am fairly sure that the 4300,4500 and the 4600 all use the same head.
Here's hoping.

  MAT ALAN 19:05 11 Mar 10

have ya tried ebay...

click here

i did, give em a call ya never know...

  Simsy 20:10 11 Mar 10

I recently got a new head from;
click here

It's £40, which is a lot, I know, but my the head for my previous Canon was about twice that!

In my case, it's a good quality, fast, quiet printer, and I think it's worth it rather than the hassle of getting/installing a new printer etc.

(ps I know they use the same head as my dad has the 4500 and we swapped heads while faultfinding recently)



  Input Overload 11:08 12 Mar 10

Good link Simsy, saved.

  bruno 19:29 13 Mar 10

Thank you for your posts. They were very helpful. I have put in some bids on e bay and also earmarked the other site if nothing comes of e bay. In the meantime I have bought an Epson SX415 from Tesco at a very reasonable price. I have gone off Canon comletely as my ip4300 and ip4500 did not last two and a half years in total. They were very good printers but totally unreliable for me, and Canon did not want to know. They directed me to their local agent who wanted £2 more to service it than the printer cost.I bought a cheap ip2600 to tide me over and since October it has cost me £50 for two sets of compatible cartridges. God knows who can afford to use genuine ones at the prices being charged.

  Input Overload 20:59 13 Mar 10

I find Canon printers to be in a different league to Epson, they are better constructed & for me last far longer. I wouldn't have another Epson printer given me.

  bruno 09:43 14 Mar 10

You have to speak as you find. As I said in the post above, I like the usage and end product of Canon but I have had three in three years which have let me down. Don't worry, I will not be giving you an Epson .I had a Canon bubble jet which has lasted eight years and is now with another member of my family and still going strong.I did not find your post helpful.

  Input Overload 10:14 14 Mar 10

It was just my experience of using printers for 20 years. I was always brought up that to disagree was no problem, & certainly no reason to have an issue with or to feel attacked.

If you can';t deal with an alternative opinion that was none confrontational you really should keep out of forums, & maybe earth?

Having used both Epson's & Canon's for many years the above post is my current opinion - I reserve the right to change my opinion without notice however.

  Sbrads 18:12 14 Mar 10

If you use compatible cartridges then you can't expect a guaranteed long life. You may be lucky, you may not. I'm not against using them it's just a case of being aware of the possible problems. That goes for any make printer (apart from older HP's like my 5550! They refill or take compatibles no problem).

  bruno 10:26 23 Mar 10

Thanks for your post Mat Alan,I followed your suggestion and got the printer for £5.50. The print head was in good condition and the Canon is now working well again.

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