Canon IP 4600 printing problem

  Verbose 20:50 15 Aug 09

My Canon IP4600 will only print a small part of a page then goes on to print a bit more on the next page and so on.I have searched Canon's troubleshooting pages but can't find any answers.

Try removing the software and drivers that you installed with the printer and delete the printer from 'Printers and Faxes'. Then reinstall your printer and the software the came with it.

  beeuuem 23:17 15 Aug 09

Which programme are you printing from, eg Word?

  100andthirty 09:12 16 Aug 09

double check that you haven't set the paper size very small value

  Verbose 16:07 22 Aug 09

Thanks for your replies to my query re Canon ip4600 which will only print part of a document. As suggested I re installed all the software but the problem keeps recurring. Phoned Canon helpline several times and got differing advice. They did suggest trying the printer with my partner's laptop and guess what it works perfectly every time! Canon suggest I've got software application problems but I can't think why. The only thing I have done differently recently is use Regfix but I don't see why this should have caused the problem.
Any further help suggestion would be much appreciated.

  Simsy 10:53 23 Aug 09

What programme are you printing from?
Does the same thing happen with different things, or is it just one document?
Is it the same if you print, for example, a letter, a photo, a webpage, a spreadsheet?



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