Canon ip 3000 cd printing

  flyingbrit 17:00 19 Dec 05

Hiya guys, I've got a slight problem printing with ip3000 onto cd's / dvd's, when I open the print to cd program and adjust size the initial size it gives for internal circle is 43mm which can be lowered by a max of 10mm. Now that makes the smallest I can print down to 33mm but there is some text above that initial size info that says it will print down to a min of 17mm, my question is, how do I change this initial size to, say, 27mm from 43mm so I can print nearer to the centre of the cd? I know it can be done but how defeats me......any help please?

  pj123 17:43 19 Dec 05

Don't know what software you are using but I use Discus for all my CD/DVD label printing.

I can resize the internal circle down to 15mm.

Discus is not free but is the best CD/DVD labeling software I have ever used. They do a trial version but it prints "Demo" on all labels.

click here

  flyingbrit 19:50 19 Dec 05

Cheers pj123....I'm using the prog that came wih the printer, I know it will go down to 17mm because my mate at work does it, but I can't see the difference in his settup to mine....thanks anyway. britsdad

  flyingbrit 20:46 02 Apr 06


  MIke 19:12 22 Jul 06


I hope you've solved your problem by now, but if not the way it's done is to go into file, select paper, new then set up a new template there using the circle sizes you require. I don't know why Canon didn't use a full face template as default. But it's easy enough to create your own.

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