Canon i965- colour management

  Mike_R 20:19 12 May 04

My printer gives a slight magenta colour tinge which according to a Photo -i review is the way of the printer. It is most noticable when printing a picture with a grey road surface. Whatever I do, I can't seem to remove the magenta tinge. I use Photoshop Elements. I've tried using the CNBJPRN2 profile with E2 set to same as source and enable ICM turned on. no good. The best I can get so far, is with all the profiles deleted and using P2 colour management profile Canoni965 PR2 and with ICM off. But there is still a tinge, albeit not so great. Canon say that the reason that their sample print was completely different is because their printers are set with expensive custom made ICC profiles. I would welcome advice on what profiles and settings other users use, and whether I will have to follow the costly path of custom profiles etc.

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