Canon i850 printing problem.

  Daibus 08:15 16 Jun 05

My Canon i850 has always given good results but at the moment colour prints have got a strong purple hue which is very noticeable.

I have just replaced the Cyan cartridge as it was running low but the problem still persists, so I was wondering if anyone knows which other cartridge could be at fault, without me having to replace the whole lot.

I have done a head alignment and the prints seem good apart from this purple hue.

Many thanks.

  wee eddie 09:12 16 Jun 05

From what you say, the problem occurred shortly after replacing to Cyan (blue) cartridge.

This suggests a possible faulty cartridge, but have you run the Full Clean yet?

Have you contacted the Canon helpline?

  Daibus 09:26 16 Jun 05

wee eddie

Thank you for your reply but the fault occured before the Cyan replacement but I've not contacted the helpline as yet.

I was just wondering if it is known which cartridge maybe causing the problem if indeed that is the cause, but I will run a full clean again.

  hssutton 09:39 16 Jun 05

Did you carry out a nozzle check? something I always do if I have a colour problem.

  toogie 09:55 16 Jun 05

I have ofter experienced this with my i850. My only answer was to use Canon cartrudges rather than the "compatible" ones. I do not try using compatible ones for photo printing anymore. Despite the claims that they are as good. My experience is that they dry up more quickly.

  Daibus 09:57 16 Jun 05

I did do a nozzle check but will do another after I replace the black Cartridge which has just run out.


  Daibus 10:02 16 Jun 05


Yes that could well be the trouble. Do you think that it is a Cartridge problem rather than something to do with the printing head?


  hssutton 10:45 16 Jun 05

toogie could well be correct, I recently purchased PCWorlds brand, and find that every time I do colour printing I have to do several deep cleans. At the end of the day the money I saved initially as been wasted on paper and ink used when cleaning.

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