Canon Canoscan 3200F vertical line problems

  bpzoom 19:24 19 Nov 10

After several years of good service my scanner is now producing images with vertical lines down the image. The objects being scanned are postcards and posted envelopes of various colours. All come out with vertical lines which are visible when the images are inserted in documents. Is the scanner probably knackered or can anyone suggest anything other than scrapping it?
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  woodchip 19:50 19 Nov 10

It needs checking for dust on the Glass and light Tube and the scanner eye

  woodchip 19:51 19 Nov 10

a lady's soft make up brush would be best as it would not scratch

  bpzoom 23:26 19 Nov 10

Thanks, but the unit is sealed and all I can get at is the flat bed glass surface. I can rub that all I like without making any difference. I can see imperfections or stains on the underside of the glass, but I can't get at that side.

  bpzoom 08:57 20 Nov 10

There is always a way! I have got it apart and am about to do as you say. Thanks very much. Here is hoping.

  jack 09:06 20 Nov 10

be a problem- but now you have got it apart you may repeat may get lucky.
The most likely cause of this problem is the failure of one of the elements in the CCD[Charge Coupled Device] that actually 'sees' the image-
Remedy- as with all thing electrontrickery - replace the whole unit.

  bpzoom 09:16 20 Nov 10

OK. Thanks to you both for your help. If this fails I will junk the device and buy another one.

  mooly 11:27 20 Nov 10

Just on a different tack... how bad are these lines ?
If the scan settings are incorrect/altered or too low a DPI setting etc then this can be a symptom... more of a "pattern" than definite stripes or lines though. Hard to say without seeing an image that has the problem.

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