Canon A85 digital camera

  RKMonty 13:42 30 Jul 04

I know this camera has just come out but has anyone used it.....any comments, views ??

  Allan-263226 14:00 30 Jul 04

Have a look at click here and click here they may have a review.

From experience, the canon A60/70/75/80/ range are a tremendous compact camera. If I was looking for a PAS cam, then canon would be my 1st choice.

Depending on the price you are going to pay for the A85, have a look at the new minolta Z3, fantastic quality camera that is due out very soon!

  RKMonty 21:39 09 Sep 04

Simple question I think...I have a corded keyboard (Logitech) which seems to have become slow in it's response to typing.....type a word and there is a delay before it appears on the screen ( about 1 to 2 seconds behind sometimes ).......any ideas / checks that I could do....I run XP (haven't loaded SP2 yet)


  GroupFC 21:51 09 Sep 04

You will be better off posting this as a new query. As you have "green ticked" your original post many forumites that may be able to help won't necessarily look at this one!

  polish 22:07 09 Sep 04

i bought the a80 last november and if the a85 is as good if not better you will not have any problems

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