GARVINO 09:57 10 Oct 05

My Canon 8000 scanner no longer works. When I switch on there is not a sound, when it worked I seem to remember it went through an initialisation process. The green light comes on on the front but when I push any of the buttons on the front ie copy, e-mail etc nothing happens, it is no longer recognised by the computer. I have tried a new usb cable. Anyone any ideas, perhaps I need a new one, it is less than 2 years old and has not had a lot of use.

  jack 12:08 10 Oct 05

I assume you have tried to reinstall the software?
Go to Control Panel/DeviceManager or Printers and other hardware[depending on your version of windows]
look for the scanner item and see if there is a yellow! or? if so click on it and click remove.
Restart the computer, and fllow the scanner software installation instrucion precisely.
See what happens. I do not know your particular scanner and its software- but it is normal to activate the device via software on the computer not directly from the device.

  jack 13:49 10 Oct 05

More questions.
How is the scanner powered?
By its own power adaptor in the a mains socket or Through the USB cable to the computer?

If it is the latter
What other USB devices are connected to the computer and is there a USB hub in use?

  GARVINO 15:36 10 Oct 05

Thank you Jack. It is powered by its own power adaptor

  jack 16:28 10 Oct 05

Then go the Software route.
and if it is in aHub disconnect and reconnect directly to PC

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