cannot write to a dvd using toast 9

  bbmf474 08 Sep 12

I use a mac OSX version 10.5.8 and have toast 9 titanium I cannot write to a dvd for an unknown reason just get a lengthy error message The drive will play dvds! Any tips please? thanks bbmf

  lotvic 08 Sep 12

Any clues in the lengthy error message ?

  bbmf474 08 Sep 12

Lotvic Thanks for the reply. I decided to try the same files on the same DVD - the error message said the burn failed. I noticed it had some dirt on the surface, cleaned it and the dvd could be read, but the burn failure is a mystery. The dirt has some bearing but I cannot say if it was on there at the start or afterwards. The moral must be to keep the dvd very clean. Thank for your help and sorry to be a nuisance bbmf

  lotvic 08 Sep 12

You are not a nuisance, every question is as important as the next.

My next suggestion was going to be to try writing to a different DVD, to see if it was that particular DVD or something wrong with the software, or the read/write head in the DVD burner drive. It is perfectly possible to have a drive that will read but not burn.

  bbmf474 08 Sep 12

thanks very much - it is appreciated I will try what you suggest and will get back if there is a problem thank you once again bbmf

  bbmf474 03 Oct 12

Dear Lotvic and any other expert MY problems are continuing. I suspect that my original problem was a 2Gb acrobat file was just too large so using acrobat made the file manageable. However on burning a dvd received the following message

**Drive reported an error Sense key=medium error Sense code 0x73, 0x3**

I am using the same dvds as previously which are RITEK dvd-r x8 This has burned a dvd then failed on a second discand will bot burn on a CD depite bienh only 256Mb Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 03 Oct 12

Instead of burning directly from Toast, use Toast to save to a Disk Image; then you may burn that image using Disk Utility.

This will confirm if software or hardware error.

The error reported can be due to disk media low quality Use Verbatim -R media. Don't even bother with +R of any brand. The drives Apple uses in the MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and iMacs all seem to fail to burn using +R media.

or power calibration issues which mean you need a new drive

or a failed burn laser - as above new drive needed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 03 Oct 12

PS try burning at the lowest speed possible.


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