cannot view web page on talkgas server

  older Al 11:50 11 Nov 06

Can anyone see my webpages created on the talkgas site. Repeated calls to their tech support has not resolved the matter. The tech staff say they cannot see this page however I eventually get a relpy that states that there is no problem and that the site is visible.."We have just viewed your WebSite and all pictures are viewable on click here"

. Tried on various other pc's but to no avail. Can anyone see this site?

  VoG II 11:52 11 Nov 06

Can't even access the site.

  older Al 12:02 11 Nov 06

Talkgas support have suggested the following....

"Dear Customer

Please check the version of Internet explorer you are running also check security settings and disable firewall in order to check if accessible."

"This is viewable on external systems, ensure your browser is setup correctly, settings etc."

Is it me/my PC or poor tech support?

I am using IE 6.0.2 and every other site seems okay! This has gone on since July 2006

  VoG II 23:57 11 Nov 06


  steven_frost 10:47 12 Nov 06

I don't know if this helps but i cant even ping the server so their is some sort of problem

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