Cannot view backup on external hard drive

  rob3600 16:30 04 Jun 08

I always back up the c drive, using Acronis True Image, onto an external hard drive. Afterwards, I like to open the backup file, to view the contents, to make sure everything is there. I have just bought a new computer, installed evrything I need, done a backup onto the hard drive, but I find I am unable to open the backup file. Can anyone help.
Also, Acronis is good, but the instructions are terrible. Can anyone recommend a good backup software. When I looked on the internet, Acronis & Norton Ghost were listed as the best. My external hard drive came with free backup software, but this was really bad and only backed up half of the stuff.

  Ditch999 16:38 04 Jun 08

You might need to delete the partition on the external drive and reformat it as NTFS.
Acronis can verify the back up and if that works then there is no problem with it. It can also browse the files in the back up by going Operations>Explore Backpup Archive.
Did you make an Acronis Secure Zone? Anything in this is not visible to Windows.

  crosstrainer 16:53 04 Jun 08

It's a new system, as Ditch999 say's re-format the external drive to NTFS, then make sure you have TI installed correctly (you get the Boot Rescue message on bootup.

Then create a full backup as usual.

From the operations menu in Acronis choose "Validate Backup" (I always do this for my backup sets)

Should be fine.

  rob3600 19:07 04 Jun 08

In relation to the above and to ask a silly question, what is the difference between a back up and simply dragging and dropping the C drive to the external drive? I have reformatted the external drive and it is set to NTFS by default. No Ditch999 did not make Acronis Secure Zone.

  crosstrainer 06:36 05 Jun 08

Put simply, a drag and drop approach to backup will not restore your operating system and programmes.

Acronis , on the other hand makes a complete (compressed) image of everything, OS, Programmes, your data etc.

When you restore a backup, you get your entire system restored, no need to reinstall all that software.

Of course, this is reliant on you doing regular Incremental backups to keep the set up to date.

  Technotiger 07:57 05 Jun 08

I too use Acronis - however IMHO differential backups (after the initial full backup) are better than Incremental backups. Incrementals create a daisy-chain off part backups, all of which are needed in the event of having to do a full restore, any one of these could become corrupt and send the whole thing pear-shaped.

A Differential backup creates an independent file, containing all changes against the initial full archive. Generally a differential backup will be restored faster than an incremental one, as it does not have to process through a long chain of previous backups.

  Technotiger 08:01 05 Jun 08

PS - I make a new Differential backup on a weekly schedule, deleting the previous one, as it is then not needed, and saving disk space too. So all I need to keep is my initial full backup and one Differential.

  rob3600 15:11 05 Jun 08

Thanks everyone

  rob3600 16:48 07 Jun 08

Can I chip in again with this asking for a little more advice, I contacted Buffalo who made the hard drive, and they tell me it may be Acronis, however I have downloaded a Vista copy of Acronis but still have the same problem it is currently driving me NUTS help please.

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