cannot use WinMediaPlayer

  Drifter 19:01 31 May 04

Hello, my WinMediaPlayer has started to say "Cannot play disc in digital mode" when I try to select analogue in options/devices/properties, it wont display the properties. This may be from when I installed a sound recorder and lost some Nero files. I got the Nero working again(ASPI files) and deleted the sound recorder, since then no MediaPlayer. Anybody any ideas?

  dazzling 19:36 31 May 04

reinstall media player.darren

  Drifter 20:09 31 May 04

have uninstalled & reinstalled wmp9 to no effect, still the same. If anyone is using Win98se with MP9, can they search for the following dll files and tell me where(of if) they are stored? SSubTmr6.dll dcapvxd.vxd msconf.dll msh261.drv msh263.drv XMSCONF.OCX SFC shows all these have been deleted recently, but I'm not sure what they came from.
Thanks in advance for any help, Adrian

  oseven 20:14 31 May 04

Try re-installing your original dvd player software. win/dvd or whichever your computer came with.

  Drifter 20:41 31 May 04

I don't have a DVD player prog. on this PC. Adrian

  Drifter 23:42 31 May 04

Got it sorted, it was the aspi files for my nero prog and the cdrom & cdrw that had been altered by the rubbish sound recorder prog from last week. reinstalled windows aspi files + Nero's special aspi and all seems well, till the next time it goes wrong, you mentioning the DVD prog gave me the clue, thanks. All the best, Adrian

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