Cannot update driver win XP

  Hetti 26 Nov 12

I have a Win XP PC and have had problems when trying to view any video in full screen ( I did post about this a while ago but was not able to get a remedy for it) I have just not been viewing any video as the PC works fine apart from that. In device manager there are three items that I cannot update the driver for I get the message "Cannot update the driver" I wondered if these are the reason Im having problems with viewing video these are the three items.

  1. Ethernet controller

  2. Multimedia Controller

  3. Unknown Device, when I look at properties it says the drivers are not installed (code 28)

I run win XP premium, and have a Virgin media superhub to connect to internet I was going to bite the bullet and buy new PC but as this one works great apart from the above problem I hate to just give up on it.

  Chronos the 2nd 26 Nov 12

What is your motherboard? As It might be that you need to install chipset drivers.

  Hetti 26 Nov 12

Belarc Advisor gives this info (I think this is motherboard) not a techie sorry. Micro star international Co,Ltd 4D MS-7091 Bus Clock 200 Megahertz Bus Phoenix technologies LTD 6.00, PG 01/27/2005

Hope this is the correct info .....thanks

  Chronos the 2nd 26 Nov 12

Is your PC an Advent by any chance as this is an OEM board usually found in Advent PC's supplied by PC world which could make it tricky to find the correct drivers.

So make and model of PC please and I will see what I can find.

  Hetti 26 Nov 12

Chronos the 2nd

The PC is a Medion desktop I purchased at ALDI about 5 years ago

  rdave13 26 Nov 12

You should be able to get all your drivers from

Just find the 'MSN' number.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 26 Nov 12

You will have been supplied with a driver disk from medion and they may also be in a separate partition on your hard drive (E:(tools)in my case).

As Chronus states you need to install the chipset drivers.

  Hetti 27 Nov 12

Thanks guys

I had already done that, and updates were reported to be successful but will go back and check they are all installed correctly.

Could anyone please clarify for me the three items listed in device manager are all related to motherboard correct?

Also sorry not to get back here as quickly but I have not had email notifications to say I had reply's to my post, only one for the first reply has PC Advisor changed, or do I need to do something to receive all notifications?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 27 Nov 12

Yes all three on motherboard.

  Hetti 04 Dec 12

Sorry not to get back sooner, I did the driver updates from Medion and it seems fine right now thanks all who helped me.


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