Cannot uninstall IE

  gimu1 14:11 19 Jul 06

I am running a WinXP SP2 computer with IE6.
I cannot print from either IE or OE., keep getting a script error message Line 93 Char 1 etc. Have tried various suggestions from previous threads without success. Have tried to uninstall IE6 in order to re-install but have failed as when I go into Control Panel/add-remove programs the program (Microsoft Internet Explorer) does not appear in the list. If I go into "Add/Remove windows components" highlight IE and click OK it does not remove it.

  Jackcoms 14:14 19 Jul 06

"If I go into "Add/Remove windows components" highlight IE and click OK it does not remove it".

Are you unticking the box next to IE, clicking 'Next' and working through the wizard/removal process?

  gimu1 14:20 19 Jul 06

Have tried unclicking the box and also tried with it clicked. The wizard starts to operate but then get a message "You have successfully completed the windows components wizard, click Finish. But IE is still installed.

  Jackcoms 14:23 19 Jul 06

Um, sorry that's utterly stumped me. ;-((

  gimu1 14:24 19 Jul 06

Can anybody else please help?

  SANTOS7 14:34 19 Jul 06
  MAJ 14:42 19 Jul 06

How to cure the original problem click here, not to uninstall IE which is an integral part of Windows, I'm not sure that you can uninstall it easily.

  gimu1 14:54 19 Jul 06

Santos7. Clicking on your second suggestion gave me a lead into removing a program called "SURFAIRY" which I didn't know was installed. On removing this prog everything is working fine. Any idea what this prog is?

  SANTOS7 14:56 19 Jul 06

It is an error-page hijacker implemented as an Internet Explorer Browser Helper Object

  gimu1 15:37 19 Jul 06

All resolved, thanks everyone for your help.

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