Cannot uninstall

  surfer47 20:23 15 Oct 06

Every time I boot up my PC it starts with Registry Booster which I thought I has uninstalled a while ago. When I try to ininstall it now it is not in the "remove programs ...".Can anyone tell me how to get rid of it?

  Totally-braindead 20:27 15 Oct 06

Its obviously left bits of itself behind, you could try ccleaner, it can remove bits and pieces of leftover programs click here

  PA28 20:30 15 Oct 06

1. See if there's an uninstall option under the Start>Programs>Registry Booster

2. Download CCleaner from click here - it's free and includes uninstall options among its' other very useful features. Even if you just have remnants left of this program it'll likley find them and clean them.

  PA28 20:30 15 Oct 06


  Totally-braindead 20:32 15 Oct 06

Almost a snap PA28 whats registry booster? I've never heard of it, is this another program that does the same thing?

  PA28 19:05 17 Oct 06

Are you kidding me? It's the program that surfer47 can't uninstall - which started this thread!!!!!

  postie24 19:20 17 Oct 06

Go to start,search,type registry booster and delete any left over files it finds

  surfer47 22:29 26 Oct 06

Thank you Postie24 that seemed to work OK.

  surfer47 22:30 26 Oct 06

Thank you Postie24 that seemed to work OK.

  postie24 20:23 27 Oct 06

Glad it worked surfer47

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