Cannot tune in a TV via All In Wonder 9800SE card

  Richard31 09:55 19 Apr 04

I have a new PC running Windows XP home edition with an ATI All In Wonder 9800SE graphics card. When trying to set it up for TV input the installation wizard does a channel scan and cannot detect any channels. I've tried it with both Antenna and Cable feeds and have also checked that these feeds work on a standard TV.
Can anyone help please?

  SANTOS7 10:47 19 Apr 04

Originally posted by gi_joe1973
hi guys
i bought a hercules ATI9800SE AIW and i can't get the tv to tune properly and i can't get the s-video and composite inputs to work. I have everything up-to-date as of 22/11/03, drivers, directx, etc, can u help me? the tv is slightly out of tune, i.e audio but no video

click here
taken from another forum hope its what your looking for, good luck!!

  Gemma 10:51 19 Apr 04

You probably need to upgrade DirectX. MS introduced a problem for TV tuner cards. The solution is in a previous thread click here

  Richard31 12:32 19 Apr 04

Thanks for the info Gemma. I'm sure that Microsoft's KB825116 is the answer to my problem if only I can get it to install. I've downloaded it from Microsoft's web site and have tried to install it but it keeps falling over with "Failed to install Catalog Files" error. Any ideas please?

  Gemma 14:46 19 Apr 04

It could be this click here or this click here or a related problem.

  Richard31 17:37 19 Apr 04

Thanks again Gemma. Unfortunately I'm a bit of a novice and the info looks a bit complicated. Firstly I've checked the Certificates as specified and I seem to have the required certificates present.
Secondly I can't get "setreg" to do anything, I've typed it at an MSDOS prompt but it isn't a recognised command - any ideas here?
Lastly I've checked the system32\catroot NTFINF File and it has its full CAT extension. I can't however find the system32\dllcache directory at all.

I've re-downloaded the fix and tried to install it again but with the same error. Not sure where to go from here.

  Gemma 18:19 19 Apr 04

Me neither. Have you exhausted ATI support? You say it's a new PC, any warranty support? There is a forum on click here click here that, unfortunately, is currently down. There is a really helpful guy there (I think with the handle of BlueIce).

Is there anything you haven't told us, or do we shine the bright light in your face and apply the electrodes?

  Richard31 13:51 20 Apr 04

The blue light is ok but the electrodes sound painful. Since opening up the hidden files in Windows Explorer to look for the "certificates", I've spotted some previously hidden downloaded Microsoft Updates that I've done at some time. One of these just happens to be KB825116 so it may be already installed (how can I tell?). If so then it doesn't seem to be the answer. I've checked the default broadcasting standard for the UK on my PC and it seems to indicate NTSC rather than PAL1 so I'm sure that's why it isn't finding the channels. I'll try some support phonecalls and get back to you. Keep the electrodes on hold for now.

  Graham ® 14:00 20 Apr 04

UK is on the PAL system. You should have the option to change the system to use.

  y_not 18:21 20 Apr 04

Check out Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 825116 as this will lead you to the download to resolve the problem.

There is/was a problem between TV cards and DirectX 9



  y_not 18:22 20 Apr 04

Check out Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 825116 as this will lead you to the download to resolve the problem.

There is/was a problem between TV cards and DirectX 9



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