cannot start windows

  SCUNNER 16:13 26 Jun 05

I tried to start windows and all i get is a dark blue screen saying;
stop 0x00000024{0x001901ff,0x80f21330,0x0000102,0x00000000}
i wonder if there is anybody out there that can help me.
i tried to reinstall but it won`t even boot with the windows cd.


  Graham ® 16:39 26 Jun 05

Operating system, please.

  Graham ® 17:04 26 Jun 05

By email 'windows xp pro'

SCUNNER, please respond in the forum 'Add a new response'.

  Graham ® 17:05 26 Jun 05

Check internal connections, especially hard drive.

  woodchip 17:14 26 Jun 05

Looks like Faulty Memory

  retep888 17:32 26 Jun 05

Woodchip is right probably, particularly when you can't even boot up with the XP Disc(Hardware problem).

  Graham ® 19:48 26 Jun 05

Email 'no tried that it still does the same.'

  SCUNNER 17:04 30 Jun 05

i cannot start widows,i have tried everything but all i get is a dark blue screen,it is not the normal blue screen.
i have even tried to reinstall but it just goes back to the blue screen.
i have been inside to see if there is anything loose but can `nt find anything.

please help ass i do not know what to do next..


  Graham ® 17:28 30 Jun 05

It could be, as woodchip suggests, the memory has failed. If you have more than one 'strip', try taking one out at a time. Here's a picture of what you're looking for click here

  Graham ® 17:42 02 Jul 05

You must respond in the forum, not email anyone who responds.

  SCUNNER 14:47 03 Jul 05

tried everything still does`nt work

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