Cannot 'Sign in' to ebay

  jry 16:22 02 Nov 10

I use 2 computers - a laptop and a desktop. Both have Kaspersky 2009 and use Internet Explorer. Both computers go to the ebay home page with no problem. When I sign in using the laptop there's no problem. However when I try to sign in using the desktop it immediately says "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". Any ideas of the problem with the desktop?


  johnnyrocker 21:03 02 Nov 10

as a first idea would suggest clearing cookies etc to resolve?


  jry 22:49 02 Nov 10

Thanks for the suggestion. I've just cleared all of the cookies. Unfortunately, the problem remains. More ideas will be welcomed


  northumbria61 11:30 03 Nov 10

Try Firefox to see if it works with that browser.
Then have a look at this LINK click here and scroll down to FAQ

  jry 13:37 03 Nov 10

Thanks northumbria61 - Tried Firefox and it does work! Great. It's still puzzling me why Internet Explorer developed the problem (and what the problem is)but I'm happy to click 'resolved'


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