cannot send web page by e-mail help please

  bessacarr 16:03 19 Oct 12

I am using XP home SP3 with Internet Explorer on my lap top, (my big computer is down at present.

When I am on a web page & I right click on my mouse a list comes up. On my big computer one of the options is "e-mail this page". On my laptop this option appears to be missing.

I want to send web pages by my Yahoo e-mail.

Help please.

  Nontek 16:39 19 Oct 12

When you right-click on the web-page, do you get Send link as one of the options? If so this is what you click onto send the page via email, after clicking on Send link your email program should auto-open.

  Nontek 16:42 19 Oct 12

Or ... you might see Send to, if so click on Send to and then choose - email recipient, or words to that effect.

  lotvic 17:17 19 Oct 12

If you're using XP you will have IE8. The on top toolbar the option is under 'File' | 'Send' | and then there's a choice

  rdave13 20:57 19 Oct 12

Do you have the same email client installed on your laptop? That might be the problem.

  templar_knight 07:14 20 Oct 12

With IE and XP, the option should be Send Email. Alternatively you can send via File menu > Send Link by email.

  bessacarr 12:43 20 Oct 12

Hi Nontek - I have neither send link or send to or anything like it.

Lotvic & templar_knight - when I click on file and send by e-mail - it brings an Internet Connection wizard up asking for POP etc. so that's no good to me sorry.

rdave13 - not sure what you mean by email client installed. Where do I find this please?

I am no further here sorry.

  lotvic 13:29 20 Oct 12

You say: "send web pages by my Yahoo e-mail"

is that WebMail (you get to your email via your Browser Internet Explorer)

or do you use an email client on your pc? (Outlook Express program or another email client program)

An email client is a program installed on your pc's harddrive.

Do you have a default email program? That is the one that IE will look for when you want to send an email.

Look in IE | Tools | Internet Options | on the 'Programs' tab

  templar_knight 07:11 21 Oct 12

I think you need to first set up Yahoo Mail with Outlook Express/Live Mail.

Once you are done that, you should be able to send the link.

Hope this helps.

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