cannot send e-mail suing O,E.

  bendigo 21:53 29 Jan 08

I am suddenly unable to send e-mails to a Canadian server called 'shaw'. Friends and neighbors can. So the problem is mine. My server here in Hull is 'karoo' which is exclusive to Hull. They can't help.
This is the only connection I have problems with, and as all the recipients are family it is a real bind.
any ideas please.

  bendigo 21:57 29 Jan 08

should of course be using O.E. I promise not to sue!

  Jak_1 22:05 29 Jan 08

Try using an online email client such as yahoo! mail.

click here

  lotvic 22:05 29 Jan 08

Do you get any error messages?
If so post on here exactly what they say.

Have you made any alterations/installed anything on pc?
What Operating System? XP home, XP Pro, Vista
more details needed

  lotvic 22:06 29 Jan 08

correction (scrub that Vista - that's Windows Mail not OE) sorry.

  laurie53 09:14 30 Jan 08

"should of course be using O.E"

Thanks for that.

Mind boggling mode was at Max!

  bendigo 11:51 31 Jan 08

Will try the yahoo route although the underlying problem would still remain I expect. I have an HP media centre pc with xp pro. I do not use the full media centre facilities, so it's xp pro. I uninstalled zone alarm in december as it was slowing my system terribly and having little blips, I installed avg antivirus to replace za. I have stopped it scanning outgoing mail. I have also recently installed avg antispyware.
I have spoken to karoo techs and tried all that they suggested to no avail. I get no 'cannot deliver' messages at all regarding mails to this one site.

  lotvic 19:20 01 Feb 08

do the emails actually leave your pc? and appear in your 'sent' folder ?
are they just not being received at the other end?

  bendigo 23:33 01 Feb 08

used yahoo mail successfully to two of the family addresses. Also used OE to send to the same addresses in the same session. for the first time I got the following message for each of these mails from "Mail Delivery System' The following message to [email protected] was undeliverable. The reason 5.4.7. delivery expired (message too old) 554 Your IP is being blocked, Please call your ISP for assistance."
( I suspect the IP should be ISP). I have not contacted anyone yet. What does a red exclamation mark before a message mean in OE ?

  lotvic 00:42 02 Feb 08

You will have to contact Karoo I think as '554 Your IP is being blocked' means that one of the servers that your email goes through thinks it is spam click here=

  crosstrainer 07:12 02 Feb 08

Issue these day's. Your ISP has "blacklisted" the address. Many service providers do this, and they frequently blacklist addresses which are perfectly genuine.

However, a family member or freind could be unwittingly infected with a nasty, and is therefore sending virus / spyware without knowing.

Contact them and ensure that they have all antispyware and antivirus progrs. up to date. Then get them to scan and remove any infections from their computer and contact your ISP again to explain. Once on these blacklist's it can take a while to remove.

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