cannot see screen

  stevennufc 19:44 18 Jul 07

i have a dell inspiron laptop running windows xp. today the machine made a strange noise and shut down. i waited a short time and then started up again. it started up ok but then the screen is black. you can make out the desktop icons but cannot see anything clearly. i have tried a sysytm restore but this has not helped . can anyone solve my problem?

  Technotiger 20:01 18 Jul 07

Could be an overheating problem. Also if/when it happens again have look at the lights on your Network card, they should be on when in use, if they are off remove the card and then see if the screen is ok next time you restart.

  stevennufc 20:06 18 Jul 07

im a total novice. where would i look for the network card. the screen is not completly off i can still make out the icons etc on desktop and everything else appears to be working just cant see it fully

  VoG II 20:11 18 Jul 07

The backlight may have failed.

  Technotiger 20:13 18 Jul 07

Most network cards fit into a slot on the side of the lappie - though I think some have them built-in, I am not too familiar with lappies, but I know a friend who had similar problem. Make sure you are off-line before you pull it out, then try starting again.

  stevennufc 20:14 18 Jul 07

if the back light has failed can that be easily repaired?

  VoG II 20:18 18 Jul 07

Fairly easily click here

  stevennufc 20:25 18 Jul 07

if i took it to a repair shop how much do you think it would cost?

  stevennufc 20:43 18 Jul 07

when i plug in the power adaptor everthing goes black.

  Technotiger 21:22 18 Jul 07

Make sure lappie is off before plugging in power adapter.

  stevennufc 10:48 19 Jul 07

Does anyone know how much it will cost me to get new back light installed if I took laptop to pc world

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